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Our Approach Continued

The Prosper Health Approach

Dr. Ball uses potentially four avenues to improve the health of his patients. These four avenues each look at a different component of health. Dr. Ball will use one or more of these avenues to aid the patient if he finds, based on the intake packet, that he can help. The goal is to help the patient feel better, then feel outright good, grow healthy, and become self-sufficient in maintaining their health.

The four avenues of health are Chemistry, Structure, Neurology, and Hygiene.


Chemistry refers to the evaluation of body chemistry. This applies to evaluation of the immune system, hormones, nutrients, and stress response through blood, saliva, hair, and urine analysis. Dr. Ball then uses nutrition and lifestyle to attempt to optimize the nutritional state of the body.


Structure refers to how well your joints are moving together. It also refers to how well the spine carries the nerves and supports their ability to convey messages throughout the body. When the spine is in normal position, it is less likely to wear out over time. Also, when an incorrect spine is put into normal position, it can finally start to heal and move in the right direction.

In addition, Dr. Ball focuses on upper cervical chiropractic because the brain will change other aspects of the spine to “help” this area. One example is how the body rights itself so the head will be level. If the top of the neck is misaligned, the head will tilt. The body then might drop a shoulder or hip to achieve balance of the head. This, of course, can lead to middle back pain, lower back pain, or shoulder pain. Another example is the control of the muscles of the spine. The brainstem, at the top of the neck, controls the muscles on either side of the spine. If the brainstem is irritated by torsion of the upper cervical spine, then these muscles do not work properly. So your spine’s ability to self-correct in other areas of the spine is hampered.


This applies to how activating your nervous system the way we were designed will improve many aspects of life. These aspects of life can include brain function, stress response, and pain. Dr. Ball uses progressions and regressions as taught by Original Strength. Dr. Ball is certified as a coach and a pro with Original Strength.


Most people think hygiene applies to cleanliness. It more applies to what you do consistently, every day, to pursue and maintain health. Dr. Ball may give advice in different areas of hygiene. These areas include:

  • Stomach Acid Hygiene
  • Salt Intake Hygiene
  • Eating Frequency Hygiene
  • Water Hygiene
  • Gut Microbiome Hygiene
  • Nutrient Optimization in Food
  • Movement Hygiene
  • Light Hygiene
  • Spine Hygiene
  • Breathing Hygiene
  • Dopamine Hygiene