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I have been working with Dr. Ball for a few months now. I came to him with various health issues ranging from menstrual and cramping problems, low energy, hair loss, and recent blood work indicating some sort of autoimmunity. My own family doctor and my gynecologist were using medications and looking to possible medical procedures to deal with the
menstrual and pain problems. I was hoping to avoid these things. Dr. Ball carefully evaluated my concerns, various health issues, and family history, and then discussed with me my goals. From all of this, he created a plan that he believed would help address most, if not all of my problems. His plan was simple: a change of diet. He explained to me in relatable ways why foods could play such a significant role in my various health issues. He also had me take a course of supplements, but assured me these were not going to be permanent (which is nice, because they were expensive, but ended up being worth every dime!)

I followed his directions and within weeks, not only did my stated concerns begin to get better, problems I hadn’t even addressed with him began to resolve! I’d been diagnosed with GERD and had recently had my medication for it increased. Even still, I’d have acid reflux every now and again. I no longer have any trouble with acid reflux and I have been able to stop the medication entirely! Also, every once in awhile I would randomly get an achy feeling (similar to flu aches) in my arms. Since making my changes, I no longer experience that sensation.

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Ball. He’s extremely intelligent, innovative, patient, and I never felt as if he spoke over my head, nor patronizingly. I appreciate that he helped me find a natural way to deal with many health problems. I would say it was easy; however, it was very difficult at first to make the needed dietary changes. Nevertheless, I was willing to follow his directions and advice and, with great determination to stick to it on my part, I have been amazed at the changes it has made in my life!

If you are like me and searching for a natural way to deal with various health issues, but are daunted by prices, I would say the upfront cost may seem like a lot, but over the long run, you will save, both money and your health!