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Without a doubt, Dr. Ryan Ball has magical hands!! I flipped off the highway as a passenger in a car accident and was told I’d never walk again! I fractured 4 lumbers, was hospitalized for a week, went through physical therapy, got muscular massages twice a week, lived every day with headaches and in constant pain. This went on for 4 years. My lack
of sleep and comfort became my normal way of life. I didn’t want surgery or to take heavy doses of medication so I visited 6 different chiropractors only to realize I was getting worse. The chiropractors gave me multiple adjustments per visit, multiple times a week, billed my insurance company and sent me on my way in pain. I complained how much worse I felt immediately after and days after the pain would increase instead of decrease. My quality of life was unenjoyable and I just came to the conclusion chiropractors were just after the money and I’d have to accept my pain and don’t let it control my life. Then I met Ryan and he explained the Toggle Method and how he would only adjust my atlas to allow my body to naturally re-align my spine on its own. Hesitant it made sense and we had an entire anatomy lesson before I was convinced I’d try it. I mean what could happen? I’d be in pain, maybe more pain. Pain was my new way of life and I had the worst headache on earth, as always. Terrified I relaxed enough to give it a shot. After my ONE adjustment, my headache instantly DISAPPEARED! Afterward, he told me to rest face up for 15 minutes before leaving his care. During those minutes I laid lifeless but surprisingly comfortably. Once I stood up, for the first time in 4 years I felt NO pain!!! NONE. It was a miracle!! I was shocked! But the BEST part was the fact that my adjustment held, I’d check in with Ryan once a week and he’d check me and the scan proved my spine was aligned! Days, weeks then months went by… NO pain, NO additional adjustments necessary! Ryan has helped me tremendously overcome an obstacle that I thought I’d have to live with for the rest of my life. 6 months later, spine still aligned, no headaches, no pain. Now I just get annual check-ups. I’ve had a son since then, no issues, no pain! I trust Ryan’s magical hands to check my son. We will be lifetime patients of his. ☺️