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Wellness Optimization Programs

There are two programs offered by Dr. Ryan Ball DC ABAAHP FAAMFM for Wellness Optimization.

  1. One is for a single person.
  2. The other is a wellness program for Corporations and Companies.

Individual Wellness

Whether you are a professional athlete trying to achieve the last 2% to get ahead of the competition, a weekend warrior who is training for their first marathon or a stay-at-home parent who just wants to be the best they can be; the individual wellness program is the exact right thing to get you to achieve your goals. This is much more in-depth than simple exercise and diet coaching. We will use bloodwork and your unique history to find the key obstacles hidden in your physiology so that we can propel you through any roadblocks that you have encountered. Not being sick doesn’t mean that you’re healthy, and we can uncover what other doctors have missed since we focus on what could be even better.

To start this process, please click on New Patients and fill this out as if you were a Functional Medicine Patient.

Corporate Wellness

Outsourcing wellness programs is the new big thing. And it makes sense as to why. Most companies want to save on their insurance costs. And most companies also would like to outsource these programs. The Prosper Health Clinics Wellness program is the optimal program for companies and corporations to show their hard-working employees that they care, and to help them work even harder.

For details, please reach out via our Contact Form or mail us at:

Prosper Health Clinics
5228 Lover’s Lane, Ste 110
Portage, MI, 49002